Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #9

So I'm knitting this dishcloth in public and this autistic kid comes over to me....

Kid:  Why are you knitting?
Me:  What do you mean, why am I knitting?
Kid:  Knitting is for old people.  Not people who are young and in good health.

The kid walks off and mutters, "I guess you're old."
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I go to look for some tea for my yarn and tea swap partner.  While in the store, not finding the tea of my dreams, I spot Mrs. Meyers products on sale.  The aisle price says, "2 for $8.00".  So, I grab one bottle of dish detergent.  Then I go around to the edge of the aisle and see another Mrs. Meyers display.  That sign reads, "2 for $4."  Puzzled, I inquired and the store helper guy was like yes, this is our store special starting today.  I grabbed one more bottle of each.

I get the register and they ring up for "2 for $8," but because they advertised incorrectly, I was able to get all of my bottles at the advertised price.  Needless the say, the manager guy took the sign down.

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Just going to show that fancy stores make mistakes too.

After the detergent episode, I traveled to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to buy an iron.  Mine is practically dead.  On the clearance/as is aisle, I spot the curtain holders of my dreams.  The same type I have at home in gold, but that I was going to spray paint in the correct color.  The ones on sale were already the brushed nickle color I wanted and on clearance for $4.98 because the package had been opened.  You know I bought one set and got my iron.
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This is no Rowenta, but I hope it will do...
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Practically skipping out of the store, still thinking of my score with the Mrs. Meyers detergent, I decided to treat myself to a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks.  Ahhh, so refreshing.  :-)

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  1. Great shopping finds Libby! I got a kick out of the coversation with the boy. In my late 20s one of my girlfriends taught me and another friend to knit. We were laughing at ourselves thinking of how old we were! I it is funny how knitting and crocheting have that stigma.

  2. lol at the kid! It is probably the most sincere opinion you are going to get ever by knitting or crocheting in public. :-D Grown-ups think the same but they don't dare saying it.

    1. With kids, you get the raw truth! LOL


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