Tea and Yarn Swap, Anyone?

I've been thinking about this for a while and I really do miss participating in swaps, so I decided to host one myself.  So, here's to my very first swap....

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Tea and Yarn Swap

Any follower of this blog is eligible to participate.  If you are willing to ship internationally, please indicate that in the comment section when you sign up.  If you live outside of the U.S. , please check your custom regulations before signing up to see if you are able to ship tea.

One skein or hank of yarn (50g -100g) - you know so we can make something without buying more - AND some tea (your choice).

Sign up by Tuesday, May 22, 2012.  The comment section will be closed after then.  Wait to receive your email notification so you will know who you are paired with.  You will receive your email notification within two days.  Then, ship your package no later than June 2, 2012.  (I love quick turn arounds in as much as possible.)  If you don't hear from me within two days, check your SPAM folder or email me.

If you are willing to participate, leave a comment below and indicate if you have any type of yarn fiber allergy.  After leaving your comment, email me (via my profile page) your mailing address by May 22, 2012.  In your email message, please use "Tea and Yarn Swap" in the subject line.

Because swaps are fun and tea is so good!  (Biased here, I know.)

I'm signing up.  What about you?

Please note that whomever you're shipping to may not be the person shipping to you.  Let's keep this super fun!

ETA:  If there is a particular type of tea that you do not like, please do not hesitate to speak up.  You can add that in your email to me or the comment section below.

To tea!


  1. Okay, I'm in! I don't drink tea, but I have several family members who do, so it will be appreciated as well as yarn. This sounds like fun.

  2. Me! Me! Me! Please? :-D
    I have missed swaps as well and I just had a cup of black tea. I cannot wait to try another flavour & enlarge my stash a little more.

  3. Count me in as well. Can't let you all have all the fun. :-)

  4. Sounds great! Count me in too. :)

  5. Count me in! I've never done this but... I got a whole buncha tea and a whole lotta yarn in my house! Can't wait to make something!

  6. Oooh OOh! Me, Me! I'm linking to my blog today! I'll email soon. :)


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