Pleasant Surprises

I love surprises. Correction: I love pleasant surprises.  And recently I've been overwhelmed with lots of pleasant surprises.

Hailing from Spain...


This shawl is actually my birthday present, but since I haven't officially showed you, I'm doing so now.  Now it's the perfect weather for it.  Thank you, Alhana.  :-)

Sometimes you do something special for someone and don't even realize it or realize how much it means to them until they say, "Thank you."

Special thank yous from Tracy from One Brown Crafter.  Aren't these cards amazing?  Check out her store on Storenvy.  Thank you so much, Tracy!  :-)

Apparently I'm have a stroke of "good luck" these days.  Her son chose my name and now I am the recipient of some goodies from the Netherlands.

Thanks Sal and Hydi (from Stof Enzo)!  :-)

And then arrived a special package from the state of Georgia.  I was expecting a hand-dyed jersey knit scarf, but received that and more instead...


Even though it was a bit warm this week, I found a reason to wear my scarf and I'm so enjoying a cup of loose leaf tea!  Thank you so much, Ayana!  :-)

So you see, I love these kinds of surprises.  So very thoughtful of all of these wonderful friends.

How are you going to brighten someone's day today?

To pleasant surprises,


  1. What wonderful things. I especially like that beautiful shawl. Just lovely.

  2. They are wonderful surprises. Lucky girl! Love the shawl that Alhana made you. Gorgeous colors! :)

  3. Lovely surprises! I love them too. You brightened my day today! Now I think it's time to start planning your next birthday present. ;-)

  4. Awww! You are so welcome! You totally deserve it!

  5. I love goodies! The shawl is so beautiful! Tracy's artwork is so fun.

  6. Beautiful gifts!! You are so loved! And that shawl is just lovely. Yum!


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