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So if you read my "7 Confessions" post from Saturday, you are aware that I attended my cousin's (Angelo's) wedding this past weekend.  It was a lovely ceremony and it, of course, is always a pleasure to be able to see my rather large extended family.

I only took a few images because I do have reservations about being a pew photographer.

Kourtney and Angelo

Here are a few of the wedding images in a slideshow format.  You will be surprised to know that this time I didn't photograph any food.  Surprised?

And here are a few images of my cousins after the ceremony.

Two sisters...with matching bubblegum (lol)
3 Cousins and if you look closely you will see the baby's momma in the reflection on the sunglasses.  :-)

  To More Family Gatherings...


  1. Pew photographer!!! =] I think that you captured some great memories that they can add to their many many photos from that day. Great job (for a pew photorgrapher)!!! thanks for the share.

  2. I love weddings and you did a excellent job of capturing the mood

  3. Beautiful photos Libby! I think the black and white's are my favorites. They do such a great job of making a moment feel timeless. So appropriate for weddings.

    And please tell your cousin that that green is fierce!! That dress is so pretty on her. Love it!

  4. The images are beautiful! I love black and white photography from weddings. The colored are gorgeous too with those vibrant floral bouquets!!!

  5. Wonderful photos! Looks like a beautiful wedding. The wedding flowers were absolutely stunning.


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