Got Curb Appeal? How to Create an Eco-Friendly Flower Bed {Tutorial}

Recently I mentioned the need for time management.  I realized that I can't do everything, but I can do something.  Sometimes I look at all that needs to be done and it incapacitates me.  Yeah, I'm working on that.  So, in my stepping back moments of life, I decided to take bite-sized pieces of projects that can be done in a designated short period of time.  Being able to finish one project in a short period of time gives me such a sense of accomplishment and actually enables me to tackle the next project.

My Saturday project was to finally do something about my "flower bed."  I do love being amongst the flowers but I must admit my yard leaves something to be desired.  I have only consciously planted two plants in the ten years of owning this space - azaleas (I've been contemplating moving them for years.  I might actually do it this year) and day lilies.  The day lilies were given to me from a coworker two years ago because she was thinning hers out.  They have been accidentally mowed down twice by the guy who cuts my grass and so designating a flower bed area is essential, plus it adds to curb appeal.

So what did I do?
  1. Gathered my supplies (red mulch, flower bed stakes, newspapers, white vinegar, and gardening tools).
  2. Cleaned the flower bed area by removing weeds and grass.
  3. Sprayed white vinegar around the perimeter of the bed.  The white vinegar serves as an environmentally friendly weed killer.  Do not spray the plants or you won't have any.
  4. Line the flower bed with old newspapers.  The newspapers serve as an organic liner.  When it decomposes, it will go right back into the soil.
  5. Cover the area with mulch.
  6. Separate the flower bed from the rest of the yard by using the stakes.  I really wanted wrought iron stakes, but my purse dictated that I purchase plastic wrought-iron-looking stakes from a discount store.
I worked for about 4 hours on this project, but it took most of the day because I had to run back to the store, twice!  Word to the wise:  Use your math skills to make calculations.  It does save time in the long run.

What do I plan to do next?
  1. Add some accent plants along side my steps.  (soon)
  2. Add gravel rocks along my foundation wall.  I actually have a trench dug around my house since it sits on a hill and I don't want the water to run towards my house.  (as soon as I can)
  3. Get my house washed down.  It's amazing what you see when you get close to your house. (whenever it's feasible)
You see how I'm allowing myself time to get this done?  #selfimprovementstrategies

Look what I discovered while working in my flower bed....


Below is my video of this process.  This is part of my secret project.

Happy Spring,


  1. Nice day's work! Looks like those daylilies will be blooming soon.

  2. Good job Libby! The lilies are going to looks so pretty against the mulch and they will never be mowed over again! I washed my house in the fall after a couple of years of not cleaning it. The dark side had a lot of nasty mold on it! Best of luck keeping up with your time management. That is something I need to work on this year in keeping up with the weeding.

  3. That's it Libby getting your hands dirty. Lol! Excellent video as well! Looking forward to seeing more.


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