Enthusiasm Pottery Has More to Share

Almost two years ago I had the pleasure of photographing a pottery show hosted by painter/potter Cynthia B. Harrell of Enthusiasm Pottery.  During that event I was able to learn more about how to properly photograph pottery and better light-bouncing techniques.  So, I was excited to be asked to photograph new pieces in the Enthusiasm Pottery line.

I will admit that this shoot was a challenge.  There were lots of pieces and lots of sun.  I am always striving to create consistency in my photography work, especially for products where differences in color matter.  And, I aim to use the mess out of my photography equipment so that new purchases can be easily justified.  I'm still waiting for the day that I can purchase a studio lighting system where I can control the lights to better photograph pieces such as what you'll see below.

I had lots of fun working with this artist to help capture her work so that she can advertise better in printed communications and online.  So here's a snippet of what was captured on that day:


Aren't her pieces simply gorgeous?!



  1. The pottery is wonderful, and so our your photographs of it. I imagine the shiny glazes presented a challenge.

  2. Wonderful photos Libby!!! I think the lighting is excellent. :)

  3. Wow Libby, both the pottery and the photography showcased here is beautiful. I have a special love for pottery since I lived above a pottery shop in Philly (my landlords were potters). What an exciting opportunity...this reminds me that I need to do better on my photography improvement plan. Sometimes my pictures are gorgeous - other times they're super grainy :(

    1. Your last place sounds super amazing! That would be the perfect opportunity (for me) to practice more. I love those in-process photos where you catch people doing what they do, step by step. As for your photography issue, it's probably the lighting (or lack thereof) causing the grainy photos. I wish you well in your photography pursuits. I still have much to learn...


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