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What a difference a week makes. Lots of sun and a whole lot of rain.  Rain is hands-down better than tap water.  Looks like I'll be having to look for another pot soon and make some stakes.

Check out the progress:

Ok, so it was a little over a week.  But did I mention just how much rain was happening this week?  And hail?  Yes, hail!

ATTENTION TEA AND YARN PARTICIPANTS:  All of the emails were sent out last night to notify you of who you are mailing your package to.  I purposefully did not reveal who was sending a package to you.  That way you'll be even more surprised.  Now, I've got some tea shopping to do.  :-)

On another note:  I spent yesterday afternoon in a fabulous office with fabulous people.  The view from the dentist chair was picturesque.  As I waited, I knitted on a dishcloth and watched the lightning, rain, and hail from the huge picture window in front of me.  But seriously the people were super friendly and the endodontist listened carefully as I explained the differences between crocheting and knitting.  Seriously, he asked, so I answered.  And I listened just as intently to him as he informed me that my molar was dead and I needed a root canal.  Seriously, will the fun ever end?

* The link to the hail storm is the one we had on Tuesday recorded by a fellow photographer friend.

Here's to real life,


  1. That was quite a hail storm! We got caught in one while driving a couple of weeks ago. Wow, was it loud!

    I am sorry to hear about your impending root canal. :( But on a positive note, your tomatoes look fantastic. They have really grown!

  2. Wow! Your tomato plants are growing so fast!!! I am sorry to hear about the root canal. Hopefully the doctor will take care of it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  3. Sorry to hear about your dental visit. But once he takes care of it, you'll be good as new!

    That is A LOT of growth in such a short time. I'm always so admiring of folks that have green thumbs. Mine wouldn't be green if I painted it, lol. :)

  4. That's crazy the difference one week of rain made! This totally makes me want to have a garden...then again, I already have 1,023,234 DIY/craft projects on my list. Another won't hurt, lol.


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