ATTENTION: Tea and Yarn Participants

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Today is the last day to sign up for the Tea and Yarn Swap if you're interested.

For those who have already signed up, this is a gentle reminder that I need you to email me your mailing address so that I can forward it to the person mailing to you.  Also, if you are willing to ship internationally, I need to know that by today as well.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful swap.  I've already been dreaming up what I would like to package.  I hope you share your surprise package too on your own blogs.  :-)

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Hope to hear from you soon...


  1. Can't wait to see who is my swap partner! :-)

  2. I e-mailed my address. So exciting!

  3. I'm getting excited too. I already made the pairings and I found myself doodling the word "tea" on things at work. Hope to get the emails out today if all goes well. :-)


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