An Eventful Friday

So this past Friday, I had a very eventful day.  It was super packed with a myriad of activities and such that I think it best to show you through pictures this time:

I was asked if I could co-present for a Science workshop for teachers at my graduate school alma-mater, and so I did.

The professor that I was presenting with and I taught sessions on forces and motion and weather.  Other professors in the Science department at the university taught on a variety of topics in these areas.  There was lots of cool science equipment and I even got to visit the Planetarium on campus.  I wish I could take my students there.

Even though the university provided me with a free parking pass, I was forced to park on the street.  Our first session was in one building and the second in another on the oooothhher side of campus.  Anyone ever try to find a parking space on campus during the middle of the day and you'll discover that it's virtually impossible.  So I learned how to use a parking meter.  I'm glad my dad taught me how to parallel park, quickly.  Woot!

The university provided us with a wonderful lunch, all of which I could not eat, in the faculty and staff dining hall.

But after all of the hard work that day, I felt I deserved some time to myself in Joann's.  Lo and behold, they were having a sale on Simplicity and Butterick patterns for that day.  All Simplicity patterns were 99 cents.  I focused my attention and finally left with two patterns (yes, only two) and my correct body measurements.  One of the other pattern shoppers agreed to help me assess my new body measurements so I could purchase the correct size.  

 I found the most gorgeous fabric
with a price tag that I could not afford, so I touched it, held it, took a picture of it, then left it in the store.

Finally, I stopped by the home of my former graduate school advisor.  She and her husband have claimed me as one of their own and every time I stop by they treat me to a special dinner.  I think it's so they can corner me up and tell me how much I need to get my doctorate.  lol
How delicious and healthy does this look?  Nope, I couldn't eat it all.  Had to get the "doggy bag".  Remember my lunch?  And I didn't even show you the breakfast the professor I presented with bought for me.

Finally, I returned home, probably a little bit thicker around my middle than I had left, BUT, with so much joy and sense of satisfaction than I have felt in a while.  There is something about the college atmosphere that still intrigues me.

And that, my friends, was my Friday!

Until next time,


  1. Fruitful Friday, I say. :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a great day Libby! Doing what you love to do, having fun at the fabric store and spending time with wonderful friends. Perfect!

  3. What a great Friday! It sounds like it was very personally and professionally fulfilling! That would be amazing if you went on to receive your doctorate. After finishing my masters I knew I was done!!! Education takes so much dedication but is so gratifying.

  4. THAT was a GREAT Friday! Good for you to present to your former teachers! They must be so proud of you! :)

  5. What fun! I didn't know you had a Master's! I love academia, I seriously see myself there, but I need to find some time to return before that happens! The last dish looked AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looked as if you had an awesome Friday and with dishes served like that of course a doggy bag is necessary!!! =]


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