The Domino Effect of Painting

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What is the Domino Effect of Painting?  It basically means, when you paint one wall, you have to paint something else because all of a sudden, that something else doesn't look right.

How does this translate into my current craft room makeover project?  I intended to paint the walls, then my dad said, "Your trim won't look good anymore, get paint for that too."  He was right.  Then after the walls were primed, my dad said, "Your ceiling doesn't look right, go get paint for that tomorrow."  After I consented, do you know I caught him checking out this scratch on the hardwood floors!  I draw the line at sanding the floors.

Seriously, I think I should have bought stock in Lowe's.  But, I know this will all be worth it.  Omm...

Happy Crafting,


  1. Awww the fresh smell of paint.Painting is a easy job that is so rewarding in the end. You're going to love the outcome.

  2. At least once it's all done, you won't have to do it again for years!

  3. That's exactly how I felt at Lowes buying all the supplies for the girls rooms. Oh well, it will be worth it when you are finished. I would draw the line also at the floors. Leave well enough alone. :)

  4. LOL! I know the feeling! The projects never end. I have never refinished a hardwood floors but have watched it being done a million times on home makeover shows. Not a fun project!

    1. To that end, I say, "Hire someone!" lol When I moved into this space and yanked up that old 1970s version of carpet, that's how I discovered there was hardwood in there. It looked good and so the floor was just cleaned and revarnished. Then in one bedroom there is hardwood. The difference is that in the bedroom, the carpet padding was stuck to the floor so the floor HAD to be sanded and refinished. After that project, we then realized that the bedroom floor looked so much better in comparison to the one in the now craft room space. If I do have it done, it surely won't be done by me and it won't be any time soon. lol

  5. Oooooohh! This is so exciting! I am getting a crafts room in my home soon too so it's great to see your ideas on how you plan to decorate and organize yours. I've only had studio spaces in places where I did not live so it was always inconvenient and wasn't the kind of spaces that you'd decorate. Anyway, it all sounds so fun! Well, I guess the sanding part, should you decide to do it now...not so much, lol. But, still...making your very own space is really cool. :)

  6. LOL!!! I cracked up reading this. Definitely draw the line at sanding the floor!!!


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