DIY Room Air Freshener {Tutorial}

I love a scented home, although I do not prefer many synthetic fragrances.  That's probably why I don't wear perfumes, but opt for body oils with light scents instead.  In my home, I've always preferred air fresheners that dissolve over time over aerosol sprays, so imagine my excitement when I saw this DIY air freshener using two ingredients - baking soda and essential oil.

I quickly pinned this project for "the future", but couldn't abstain from creating it for even two hours.  I found one of the many little glass jars I have left over from some delicious artichoke hearts (ummm), poured some baking soda in and added 10 drops of one of my favorite essential oils - lemongrass.  I put this little baby in the bathroom and I can't wait for it to fragrance that space.  I mean this has to be way better for the environment and light on your pocket.

Let me know if you try this.  :-)

Happy Good Friday!


  1. I love this idea! I am totally trying it!

  2. What a great idea. Love the little jar, too!

  3. Love this idea. I'm gonna have to try it. all the tips about air freshener is good so that's what I'll use. Thanks for the idea

    Air Freshener

  4. I am SO going to try this! So much cheaper than the Glade plug-ins...Thanks for sharing that!

  5. I definately have to try this! I love the smell of scented candles however am weary about what I am breathing it. This is perfect since there are so many natural oils to choose from. I wonder if cinnamon would work?!


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