Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #7

Recently I was able to spend the day with my cousin in our state capital.  That day was like the smile you make after the first sip of a really good coffee or tea.  It was my "ahhh" moment of the day.

The day was kind of like a series of errands, but here is how it went:

We started the day at Jerry's Artarama.  There is where I purchased the cardstock for my notecard series.  I'd never been there before, but I have sent someone else there for supplies.  It was such a great store.  The kind of rawness that you can appreciate in a true art store.  Everything was organized but packed into a small space.  No busy signs and decorations, just pure art supplies.  The kind of place that makes you want to paint or draw or burn letters into wood, even when you never once thought of that.

My cousin, falling in love with the pretty papers too.  :-)

I bought the prettiest piece of paper with cherry blossoms on it.  I love cherry blossoms, not the fragrance, but the tree.  I think I'll frame this paper.

After Jerry's Artarama, we went to Hancock Fabrics to find a suitable fabric to be the backdrop for an upcoming pottery photography session (more details and pics to come).  It's great when you discover the fabric you want is on sale AND that the store offers teacher discounts.  :-)

The next stop was to Trader Joe's.  Stores like that just make you want to drink special teas and say, "Paper please, not plastic."  We sampled this amazing "fake beef" dip.  It was so good.  I wonder if I can attempt to recreate the taste with meatless crumbles and salsa.  TJ's only used this meatless burger stuff and a jar of TJ salsa.  Hummm...

We even visited Whole Foods to get some french lentils for my mom.  I mean, french lentils?  The cashier asked me what was so special about french lentils and how were they different.  My reply, "I'm just following orders.  My mom's been watching the Barefoot Contesssa again."
[Image Source]

There was another series of errand repeats because apparently if I don't put it on the list, I can't remember anymore.  Anyhoo, the final stop put me in the public library.  It was such a cool place.  Imagine this:  everyone was actually reading or doing something educational and productive.  I didn't hear any loud talking or babies crying or see kids running around in the children's room.  Simply libraryness.  (You like how I made up this word, don't you?)

I mean there were shelves dedicated to crafting.  And not all the books were about knitting.  I spent some time in that section and then followed suit with the cookbook section.  I hoped they didn't mind because I found comfort sitting right on the floor.  Ahhhh!!!


And finally at the end of that part of the day, I was able to capture this beautiful gift that someone I know received.

There is something peaceful about capturing floral images.  I never thought I'd like it as much as I do.

Off to find the next "ahhh" moment,


  1. Looks like you had a very fine "ahhhhh" day with your cousin. I do the same thing at the library and find a comfy spot on the floor to flip through books. Love the flowers!

  2. I know what you mean about the library-time! It's pure gold when you can sit in between the stacks and lose your self!

  3. I love that day! I want to go next time :).

  4. What a perfect day! Love the cherry blossom paper! I have to say from experience the imitation beef crumbles do not taste like the real thing. LOL. Although I do like them. The flavor is unique. Jim and his son regularly eat a vegetarian chile that is Trader Joe's and comes in a can. His son ate it for years before learning it was vegetarian!

  5. What a day - sounds like fun! 1. That floral paper is GORGEOUS! 2. I recently subbed meat-less round in a Greek dish called Pastitsio, and it was amazing, so I'm sure it will work well for you! 3. Flowers are so beautiful, and colorful - can never see enough of those kinds of pictures!


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