3KCBWDAY6 - Improving Your Skillset - Day 6

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I've been crocheting since I was about 13 and knitting off and on for about a year or so.   In the crochet world there seems to be an infinite amount of stitches that can be learned.  Although I have been crocheting for quite some time, it was only in the last few years or so where I branched out from my sea of afghans and baby-blanket-making sessions and tried new things.  For a while I picked patterns where I could learn one new stitch each time.  But now, I'm content knowing that if I need a new stitch I can learn it, so my focus isn't merely on learning new stitches to add to the repertoire, but rather to find new ways to use crochet.  (I'm getting close to spilling my secret here so let me switch topics.)

Now for knitting, there is so much that can be learned because I'm a beginner.  Because I knit infrequently, I almost always have to refine my technique for tension control and get back into the swing of things.  My goals for knitting are much different than my goals for crocheting because I'm at a lower skill-level for knitting, so at this point, any technique that can be learned to help me reach my goal of knitting hats and scarves successfully is pretty much on the list.  :-)

I would say more if I could, but I had a pretty long day with the craft festival.  I'll be sure to post on that next week.

If you want to learn more about how other crafters improve their skillset, Google 3KCBWDAY6 or click here.

Here's to Lifelong Learning,


  1. I am sure you will be a knitting pro in no time! I have dabbled in both knitting and crocheting and found knitting easier for tension. Crocheting gets me flustered! LOL


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