3KCBWDAY4 - The Seasonal Crafter. Me? - Day 4

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Over the years I can honestly say that I wasn't a crafter dictated by the season until I turned my craft love into a business.  Before, I made whatever I wanted, whenever, and in whatever color suited my fancy.  (I have to admit though that back then I was mostly making baby blankets.)  But when I became an official business, I started trying to "keep up" with the times.  Just like clothing stores.  If you expect to have fall items ready at the brink of fall, you make them a season ahead.  Is this easy?  No, because frankly, I'm not wired that way.

It's hard for me to truly enjoy the summer when I'm trying to think of fall/winter items.  And in the winter, I want to snuggle up in the warmth of what that season brings, not looking ahead at what's happening come spring.  It feels like I'm rushing my time.  It's easier when I'm making items for a specific person, but just to curl up and grab the next season's palette of yarn...not happening.

So what do I do?  Sometimes I find myself making items just because I want to and holding it until the appropriate season.  Sometimes I do make seasonally appropriate items. And sometimes I put my yarns away altogether (gasp) and pursue another craft.

What's my long-term goal?  To create beautiful items that aren't dictated by the season.  More on that in due time.  (Again, I'm keeping secrets here).

Originally I started a yarn stash because I lived too far away from decent yarn stores, but now that I realize my rhythm is off-beat, so to speak, and if I had to do it over, I would purchase as needed with the exception of your basic colors.  Live and learn.  But in the meantime, I'm going to work my stash down like nobody's business.  :-)

To read how others knit or crochet according to the seasons (or not), Google the code 3KCBWDAY4 or just click here: 3KCBWDAY4.

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  1. I agree. I don't like being restricted either. And a lot of the time, I seem to really like a yarn and want to do a certain project, right then. If I wait, the desire may wane and the yarn will sit. Although I love stashing more stash, I still like knitting with it more, lol!

    Great post!

  2. OOOOoooooOOOOO....secrets??? Do tell! Can't wait to see what you have hiding up your sleeve!

  3. I never really thought about that. In the fashion industry - you always see the spring items right at the end of winter, but I never thought about how you must actually be THINKING about those spring items DURING winter to go to print at the end of the season! That seems tough. I'm looking forward to this reveal too. Secrets...secrets, with this and the room reveal - you've got us hanging on a limb!


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