Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

As soon as I got back connected online after the "no-computer" stint, I found out that I was the winner of a Vatika giveaway!  I do love some Vatika oil.  I'll be patient because this prize will be hailing from the UK.  :-)

Thank you, A Bountiful Thing.

And I had such a blast at the River Roots Emerging Arts Showcase tonight.  Of course I will fill you in on everything (just not tonight)!

Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Congrats on winning a chicken dinner! =]

  2. I love this oil too! BUT...I don't love how it hardens and then I have to wait for hot water to melt it...AND THEN, when I go to squeeze some out, it bursts all out past the plug that was still hardened in the squeezey top, all over me and the floor and the sink. LOL! Yeah, that's my luck. But it works so well, it is worth it. Besides, my hands need the oil. :)

  3. What a pleasant surprise and welcome back!!! You actually reminded me that I need to get some castor oil, smh at my memory. Thanks!


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