See That None Goeth To Waste {Tutorial}

So, while prepping for this past arts showcase, although I love my crocheted pieces, I really wanted to see more paper crafted and sewn items for this event.  Because I thought my sewing machine was also acting dysfunctional, just like my computer, I decided to focus on paper-crafted items.  (The reality about my sewing machine was that I learned to leave my metal bobbins in my metal machine and my plastic bobbins in my plastic machine.  I'm so quick to switch between machines and carry my bobbins with me and since the plastic ones don't work in my metal machine at all and they do on the other, I just used metal.  Lesson learned.)

Anyhoo, since I didn't have any access to any of my stored digital photographs (due to the absence of my computer), I decided to make use of many of my test prints and such and create bookmarks!

Make note of this book.  It will be the prize in an upcoming giveaway.  Stay tuned!

So, basically, I found prints I liked in some way, cut a 6" x 2" strip of the portion of the image I liked, then used a rounded-edge corner paper cutter to round off the edges.  I repeated this same action on some recycled cardboard pieces I found at a scrap store a while back (finally putting that purchase to use).  Afterwards, since I'm no longer afraid of the spray adhesive, I used the spray adhesive to adhere the photo print onto the cardboard backing.  Then, voila!  Bookmarks were made.

For this project, I chose my tulip prints from one of my botanical garden trips and also an artistic print of cabbage leaves.

The project was super simple and it made me feel good to use up supplies already found in the house.  Yes, I'm doing my part to see that none goeth to waste!

Happy Crafting,


  1. spray adhesive! eeek!
    I am kinda afraid of it either-- which is ironic as I love spray paint!... oh humans and all their harmful inventions,

    I was wondering about spray adhesive too...

    love the bookmarks!
    and expanding into another medium is awesome!


  2. Those are so pretty and creative too! Kudos!

  3. Hey! Do you have a shop for your paper crafts/photos?

    1. Sort of. In the past I've basically used Etsy for everything, but stay tuned...

  4. Very very nice! I love paper projects too, and I do love my corner rounder. I used it to round off the corners on my business cards...or should I say, I put my 11yr old on that project, lol

  5. I love those!!Gorgeous! And such creative and productive use of materials and time. I knew you were still making stuff while that computer was down, lol!


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