Sandhills Camellia Show 2012

On Saturday, February 18, 2012, the Sandhills Camellia Society sponsored its eighth annual Sandhills Camellia Show.  As a member of the Sandhills Photography Club, I was afforded the opportunity to photograph the camellias at the show.  Little did I know that the show would be held indoors and all the camellias, besides the ones being sold, would be cuttings.

Nonetheless, the camellias were so beautiful!  And the spectators were so knowledgeable about soil types, and fertilizers, and greenhouses, and all the perfect conditions to produce beautiful camellias such as the ones on display.

Attending this festival also afforded me the opportunity to meet some very interesting people and helped to appease my itch for photographing flowers during this season.  However, that itch won't truly be satisfied until I can photograph some camellias in their natural habitat.  Trust me; I'm already making plans...

 "Duchess of Covington"

On the brink of Spring,


  1. Beautiful capture! I can't wait to go out scouting for spring flowers.

  2. Beautiful photo! This flower is so gorgeous with its pink painted leaves.


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