River Roots Recap

So this past Friday evening, I had the pleasure of being able to vend at the River Roots Emerging Arts Showcase.  When I first stepped into the University Center, I was in awe of all of the lovely work already present.  Minute by minute, moment by moment, as more artists brought in their handiwork, the room just continued to transform.  Beautiful paintings, photographs, handpainted gourds, carvings, jewelry.  Simply amazing.  And really, from beginning to end, the whole night was filled with such amazing talent from the performing artists as well.  All the singers of all ages sounded professional and you were drawn in by every word and beat of the drum during the storytelling.  A true art scene.

 This vendor traded one of her butterfly gourds for my beanie/neckwarmer sets for her son and a photographic bookmark.  :-)

I was able to share a space beside some vendors I met during my December vending event, which was lovely.  Such great company and I couldn't resist buying two of her limoncello cookies and chocolate brownie bites.  My mom and I will definitely share those.

My vending goal is to still sale those items that I have made previously as well as add new items that are a part of my new style.  After networking with fellow crafters and listening to what customers like I think I will also use vending as an opportunity to sale items that I might not necessarily put in my shop.  Every crowd is different but I always like to get feedback so I know how to better market myself and what I make.

One of the highlights of Friday night was getting a chance to meet Jessica, who reigns all the way from China and had only been here for 4 days!  Such an amazing sweet spirit.  :-)

Don't you just love that bag!

Another highlight of Friday night was getting an invitation from an arts council member to participate in a street festival next month.  A lot of the customers and vendors say they will also be there and will look for us (my vending neighbors and myself).  I have a lot of ideas now that I believe will help me along the vending way.  But one thing I know for sure...I've got to get more organized to do this kind of work!

Happy Crafting,


  1. What a fun event! You're lucky to have opportunities like that near you! Glad to have you back on-line!

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun and a lot of inspiration going on there. What a wonderful evening! :) Crossing my fingers for a wonderful show at the street festival for you.

  3. Yayyyyy for you!!! All will be good for the festival!

  4. Oh it looks like you had a great time and your table looked beautiful!!! You are so prolific and versatile Libby. I love that photo on your table!

    And btw, I love that bag!

  5. This event looks really fun. Your booth looks great! Love those cool gourds!

  6. Glad that you had a great time. You always have such great display table's with something for everyone.


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