How to Create Photo Notecards {Tutorial}

I've been promising myself to make notecards out of my photographs for a long while now.  The thing is, it's been really difficult to find a (notecards) printer that I love with a price that I could afford.  When I say afford, I mean that if the price I pay the printer is the price I wanted to sell the cards for, then that's not affordable.  Or if I have to order 300 of the same print to get the price I want to pay, then that's a no-win situation too.  So, needless to say, I haven't printed many cards.

My present-day alternative has been to make my own cards out of professional prints instead.

Disclaimer:  I am not a scrapbooker or stamper or die-hard papercrafter; just a girl who will try a new craftform as a means to an end.  lol

Make sure all materials are acid-free.
  • cardstock cards and envelopes
  • double-sided scrapbooking tape*
  • cardstock (for inside if the card is too dark to write on)
  • photographs (feel free to splurge a little; I always choose a professional printer and opt for special paper and coatings depending on the photograph.  For this one, I also had the photographs printed with a white border.)
* I almost used a spray adhesive, but I got nervous after I read all the cautions and such.  Call me chicken, 'eh.

This is basically what I did:

  • Placed double-sided tape on the back of the photographs.
  • Removed the top layer of the paper covering the tape to expose the adhesive, then carefully placed the photographs on the front cover of the notecard.  No margin for error here - this tape is super permanent!
  • Adhered cardstock on the inside of the notecard, leaving a 1/2" margin on each side.  Yep, my cards are black and if I didn't do this step, you'd have to use a special metallic pen to show your writing.  (Guess what?  I un-chickened out and used the spray adhesive for adhering this cardstock on the inside.  I just turned my ceiling fans on.) 
  • Adhered my clear label on the back of the cards.  Gotta keep my credits you know.  :-)

Voila!  Now if I were that scrapbooker, stamper, or die-hard papercrafter, I would embellish the mess out of these cards, but I wanted to keep it pretty simple.

These are my "He is Risen" notecards.  I'm definitely taking these to my next vending event and I'm thinking of making more to put in my shop online.  Now I better get a jump start on my florals.  I've got lots more white notecards to use and many pretty prints.  :-)

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  1. These look great Libby. Good job and btw I love your new blog look.

  2. They did turn out great! I love the white border around the edge.

  3. My, but you have been busy!! Beautiful notecards Libby! So clean and fresh looking! I love b&w. :)


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