On the Horizon

If you've noticed, my Etsy shop has remained empty for quite some time - mostly because I have had my heart and mind on other crafty pursuits that haven't come into fruition yet and partly because I've set my eyes on vending this year and using Etsy as a true back-up online shop, instead of my main way to sell handmade items.
Recently, I was accepted to vend at the River Roots Emerging Arts Showcase, sponsored by the River Roots Arts Guild.  The mission of the Arts Guild is to "support, expose, and illuminate the arts in our town, county, state, and universe through various venues for economic development, education, enjoyment and healing."  I'm just so excited to be able to take part in this first-time event and to be surrounded by other local artists as well as learn more about the Lumbee Indian culture through participation in this event.

I've been working to have some new items for my display and the showcase deadline is fast approaching, so your well-wishes are greatly appreciated.  Upcoming posts will highlight some of the handmade items I will bring.

Until then,


  1. what a great oportunity! have fun, Libs!

  2. Great to see you back online! Best of luck with your show, and have fun!

  3. Oh Libby good for you! Congratulations. I am sorry that I haven't visited here lately, getting my on line life in order here...please have so much fun, I will be thinking of you ...only GOOD!


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