Notecards in Action!

Spring is technically around the corner even though the reality is that spring has definitely already sprung!  Last Easter my mom was given a beautiful Easter Lily.  During that time, I was staying with my parents while I recuperated and so as soon as I was able to get a hold of my camera, I made sure to capture this beautiful flower before it died.  I call this image, "He is Risen."

Originally I had one or two larger prints of this image dry-mounted for a photography competition but now those prints reside in my home.  Finally I decided that I liked the image so much that I would print 4"x6" prints to make notecards out of.  And so that's what I did.  (See the tutorial for tips.)

These "He is Risen" prints are mounted on the front of acid-free black cardstock notecards.  In the inside, I have adhered white cardstock so that a special pen wouldn't have to be used to be able to write on black paper.  On the back you will find my label and copyright information.  On the envelopes, I also adhered shipping labels that have decorative cut-out edges on each corner.

I love black and white images and to-date this one is by far my favorite, in terms of still life objects.  I have 10 of these card/envelope sets made and they are ready for the upcoming arts showcase in March.  Whatever doesn't sell there will go in my Etsy shop just in time for Easter.  :-)

In addition to the "He is Risen" cards, I'm also taking 3 other sets of notecards to the upcoming show.  Two of those sets are florals and one is of the frozen pods.  I had these cards printed some time earlier in the year and now I'm finally debuting them. 

The "He is Risen" cards will be sold individually, but these other cards will be sold individually or in a set of 8.  I will allow customers to mix and match the ones they want.

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  1. I love these, they're very nice and professional. Great job!


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