All Smiles!

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 As I'm typing on my very own computer, I can hardly contain my joy.  Seriously.  I have one of the biggest, dumbest smiles pasted all over my face because I have just gotten my computer back, restored to its original state.  All virures, malware, and that other icky stuff are all gone.  My Google applications are fully functioning.  I can blog again!

It felt like some kind of weird withdrawal not to have my computer.  At first it was kind of blissful, then it became quite difficult, and finally I had become a bit of a pesk because I was getting behind in my actual work work.  But I am so thankful for the Tech Dept at Staples for solving these problems for me.  Now, I have the task of re-installing all of my software that was added on since this original computer purchase.

Thank you all for being patient with me.  I appreciate the comments on my blog (even in my absence) and the emails to check on me.  And now perhaps life as we knew it will continue.  LOL

It's good to be back!


  1. LOL! Welcome back Libby to the world of blogging. The world is a better place now since you have your computer up and running again. I know you have a lot of catching up to do.

  2. You're back!!! Yippee!!! Seriously missed you Libby.

  3. Great to have you back,Libs!

  4. Yay Libby! Missed you on the blogs! Glad your computer is up. Now where are the goods? I know you've been crafting up something good, lol!

  5. Welcome back! I missed you a lot. I didn't know if you could check your e-mail from work or not.
    Being free from technology for a week is like taking a vacation you deserve, you have time to clean out your system and do other important things -- though I must admit that I have dependence on my computer. ;-)
    Glad to have you back!!


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