Sometimes surprises are good.  Sometimes surprises are bad.  Aren't you thankful for the good surprises?  Well, recently, I received one of those good surprises.  I went to the mailbox and noticed a slip indicating that I had a package of some kind.  And it would be during a holiday weekend, so I had to wait extra to reveal the mystery.  I was so excited.  Who would be sending me anything unannounced like this?

After it's long travel (one month!) and my short wait (since I didn't know it was coming), I received the most amazing surprise....all the way from Mexico!  Yes, my dear friend, sent me a package of yummy woven fabrics in traditional Mexican style and some more of the mercerized cotton in beautiful, bright colors.  I have wrapped myself up in the fabric more than once and dreamed of what it will become.  :-)

Thank you, CT!

Still smiling,


  1. It looks like the Kings also had something in mind for you and left you a present when they passed by Mexico. :-)
    That means you have been a very good girl this past year. Congratulations! That fabric looks simply great. :-D

  2. Aaaaand now I'm blushing!!!! I'm so glad you liked them! :D I can't wait to see what you do with them! (I really liked seeing them as background for your photos! I'd never thought of that! :D )

  3. Absolutely gorgeous colored surprises you got from CT. Endless possibilities!

  4. Aren't you the lucky one. Can't wait to see what you make with it. Congrats!

  5. Beautiful colors! I can imagine your excitement about working with them!

  6. I for one LOVE surprises!!! Those colors are gorgeous - they complement each other well too!


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