Classic Tomato Soup w/Grilled Cheese Sandwich + another

I can't shake the soup kick that I've been on lately, so instead of fighting against the urge to get my soup on, I've decided to embrace it.  My latest soup has been the Classic Tomato Soup.  I've tasted a tomato soup perhaps only once before.  I used canned tomato soups in other soups or had tomato soup with other food items in there, but never just a plain old tomato soup.

I saw a recipe on Pinterest (of course) and remember I'm trying to be not just a pinner, but a doer, so I have to make some of the recipes I pin.  This one was definitely not a disappointment.  One double-surprise was that the dish called for Pomi's boxed tomatoes (surprise #1) and I was actually able to find them (surprise #2) - on sale (that was just an added bonus).

So what do you eat with a tomato soup?  My first thought was a grilled cheese sandwich, so that's exactly what I made.  We might be having more of a spring-like winter, but my freezer is stocking up on soups for a reason.  You can never count out Mother Nature.  :-)

Classic Tomato Soup
(recipe here)

* BTW:  I actually did puree this soup.  Normally, I skip that step because I don't want to deal with hot soup in a blender and I don't have an immersion blender; however, I made this soup on one day and pureed it in the blender on another.  Problem solved.

I think I'll freeze some of this soup in servings small enough to use as the base for other tomato-based soups and ditch some of the canned soups.  Oooh, this is something worth trying during the summer when tomatoes are more abundant.  Do I need to get my mini-garden going again this summer?

And while I'm on the subject of tomato-based soups, I need to add that somehow I forgot to tell you about the Taco Soup I made about two weeks ago.  I never photographed it, so I'll show the pinned image and list my ingredients/modifications below.  To view the original recipe, clicked on the pinned image.

Source: via Libby on Pinterest

My ingredients/modifications:
meatless crumbles
kidney beans
canned corn
green chiles
tomato sauce
Rotel tomatoes (hot)
taco seasoning packet

Dumped it all in the crockpot and cooked it on low for 8-10 hours.  Topped each serving with a dollop of sour cream and shredded cheese.  Ate it with Tostito scoops.  Delicious!

* If I had to do it all over again (and didn't have to go grocery shopping specifically for this), I would have added black beans as well.

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  1. Mmmmmm... I LOVE tomato soup! I am going to have to try this. And great tip! (putting it in the blender AFTER it has been in the fridge). Because I NEVER puree my soups for that very reason... Thanx Libby!

    1. If you check back at that butternut squash soup I made recently, you'll definitely catch the lumps of butternut. I didn't think about the pureeing later part then. lol

  2. We will surely be over for dinner Libby! Especially little B. She absolutely loves Tomato soup. It would easily make you her best friend. :)

  3. Hi Libby..believe it or not, tomato soup and grilled cheese has and will always be one of my fave pairings! I especially like it with muenster cheese.Thanks for the recipe...something I need to try, I agree with your Pinterest philosophy! Aloha, Connie

  4. Mmmm! These are right up my alley! I always think grilled cheese too when it comes to tomato soup. I have been getting away from canned soups myself. Homemade tastes so much better and the freezer is there if the batch is super large!

  5. Everything looks scrumptious and I am envious of your adventure. It's always fun to get out of our usual surroundings and see someone else's slice of the world. Fun!

  6. I LOVE tomato soup! It's my absolute favourite! This one looks very very very yummmmmmie!

  7. it looks scrum-deeli-umptious! i love soup in the winter, and this might have to be on next week's menu.

  8. You are seriously making my mouth water with all of these meatless posts! That looks delicious!! And I haven't made myself a taco in ages....

  9. Looks DELICIOUS!!! XO, Aimee

    PS My Sweet B's would LOVE eating at your house...this is one of their favorite meals!!! XO!

  10. That taco soup looks soooo good! Will be adding the ingredients to my grocery list so that I can try it! The cheese toast and tomato soup looks awesome as well! Will have to go back through your blog to look at all your recipes!


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