The Truth (or my truth) about Wigs

Here's the thing.  I started wearing some type of weave for a protective style, especially during the harsh winter months.  It started out with the afro twists, then it became the faux bun, and finally the half-wig.  I really like all of those styles, but there's something about this wig that's kind of disturbing.

First off, let me repeat that personally I think the wig looks great.  I know it's not mine and I'm really not trying to act like I grew this out of my head.  I feel that my hair has been protected from the elements like I purposed, but I'm growing concerned that I may have developed another set of problems:
  1. Because this is a half-wig, the front portion of my hair is exposed.  Although the front portion is braided, I still feel like that part closest to my face is breaking or something.  I'm not exactly sure yet, but I know it wasn't like that before.  When I take my hair completely down I'm going to seriously investigate.  If everything else is flourishing, except this part, then the wig still must go.  I can't sacrifice my edges. ???
  2. Although I love my hair and I know this wig isn't mine (genetically), I'm struggling about how to transition away from the wig.  I mean, seriously, do I just take it off and sport a twist out that nobody's seen in forever?  A twist out that's so so very different from the texture of this wig?  Do I transition gradually and then burst out with my own do?  I even did a self-talk and said, "During February - Black History Month - you will not sport synthetic hair" just to break this monster I've created.  I've never had this thought before with any of my other styles, so what's the deal with this wig?
  3. My aunt, another natural who's currently sporting a wig, asked me if I thought that we were both getting lazy.  My hair texture takes a lot of work and honestly, sometimes I do desire a break here and there, but usually I just grab a good movie and do what I must.  The thought of growing lazy is disturbing.  Hummm.... 
At any rate, I stumbled across this natural beauty while on the CurlyNikki blog.  This is my new hairspiration; my motivation for re-rocking my own natural strands very soon:

    Seriously contemplating my options,


    1. I love the pic from curly nikki and I love your wig. I say do whatever you feel like - whether it's the twist out or the wig for a little longer. Most ladies I know change their hair up all the time! I'm thinking about going natural this year. I tried twice last year. I learned I should not try to cut my own hair. Twice. I had a nice bit of growth at three months and should have let someone cut my hair but... I also had breakage from coloring and trying to blend the two textures. In order to be successful I'll definitely need some help so we shall see. I did learn a lot from curly nikki though I got obsessed with the android app! I do want to try the aloe vera juice/shea butter mix. I did make my own "hair grease" with shea butter and a mix of oils, which works really well. And yes....i put it in an old glass salsa jar!!!! Great for heating in the microwave! May post the recipe on my blog soon. If you have any tips pls share! (sorry this comment is super long!)

    2. @Raynata: Thanks for the advice. Probably no one really cares whether I take the wig off or not, just my own crazy thoughts! lol

      Going natural has been a really positive experience for me. Not that I haven't had my moments of self-discovery, but I've learned a lot about myself and my hair and about acceptance. My advice from the get-go is to be open to whatever "going natural" might reveal. Also, get a little game plan going. For most naturals, the hardest part is usually the beginning. Either it's a struggle to let go of long, permed strands, an over-obsession about what you'll look like with short hair, or how others might perceive you.

      I think that all of those concerns are normal, but you have to be real about who you are. That's why some opt for braids to help them grow their hair out longer before debuting their own natural hair. For me (I've done this twice now), I just whacked mine off and kept going; worrying about the "what to do" after the fact. lol If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know. Oh yeah, and both times I went to a professional to get mine cut; and both times, I had to have a retrim soon after because sometimes all the permed ends aren't revealed and you need a little trim after your hair starts growing. :-)

      BTW, I don't mind long posts. The more, the merrier. :-)

    3. Ironically, I've never been a fan of straight weaves. I wore a cap wig once in high school, and thought to myself (WHO ARE YOU!?!?!) for the full five days I wore the wig. IDK, something about wigs/weave I just can't get with. I do love me some braids! I think the transition from twists to your hair is easier. That is tough though - I look at women who will rock one look one day, and another the next. Like MJB blonde wig to a Wendy Williams glamorous brown locks and I think WTH?

      OK, I'm ranting, but definitely confirm if it's causing damage. If you're tired of dealing with your hair I say...don't deal with it! Find another style that works (without the damage) that's easy.

      Remember, this is the girl who just chopped her hair and is ECSTATIC with it, so I totally understand if you take this with a grain of salt. :)

      PS - love that curly nikki pic #gorg

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