One Small Space at a Time

Do you ever get that feeling AFTER you leave someone else's house that's all put together where you wished your space was complete, for once?  I'm such an eclectic person and I never really wanted to go to one store and buy the whole package (nor could I afford to do so), but not doing that means that it really takes a lot of time to pull even one complete space together.  Well, time out for the boo hoos and woe is me.  I do have some control over my space and if I concentrate my energies on completing an entire space then I can get that feeling in my own home.

So back to the drawing board.  Back to my "craft space".  And let us focus on this piece of a wall.  Two concentrated trips to IKEA and one trip to Lowe's for some screws has allowed me to work my way up this wall.  Now I can properly display prints that are waiting to be sold or displayed at an event.

On to the next small space.  The bathroom.  Long ago, when I moved into this space, my artist auntie gave me two prints of her paintings.  I finally found a frame shop I loved and could afford and had the prints matted and framed, but they've remained this way for far too long.  That same IKEA/Lowe's trip and a bit of measuring here and there, allowed me to finally display these artistic pieces.

 I almost had to climb in the bathtub to get these photos.  lol

Where shall I go next?  Humm....

Happily meeting small goals,


  1. i like both spaces - esp your craft space. it's so neat!!! i also love the art by your aunt. my one bedroom apt. is just not big enough for all of my crafty ambitions. though most of my craft containers come from wal-mart or the dollar store!! you did a great job. happy new year!

  2. Libby! I love it! BTW, where do you sell your photos?

  3. I love the look!!!! mind if I borrow it? Happy New year, girl!


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