Keeping Promises

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 As an avid list-maker, I recently made a list entitled, "Keeping Promises."  On that list I wrote down all the crafty items I promised to make for different people.  Sometimes, I (temporarily) forget.  Sometimes, I get distracted by a current project that I put off the one I promised.  Sometimes, I (temporarily) forget.  So, in an effort to clear my inner-conscious, I made this list and I'm purposefully going to keep my promises, one project at a time.

"Keeping Promises"
(in no particular order)
Calorimetry - Alhana/Caroline
Black beret - Aunt Linda
hat with flower pin (make it a set if there's enough to spare) - SIL
Something blue - Kim
felted pattern test - Darlene
orange & white scarf - Taynia
fix the torn hole in sweater - Gabby


the commissioned work (that's another list)

Off to accomplish something,


  1. I am sure you will keep your promise. There is no hurry. :-)

  2. I do the same thing! I should start one on my blog, too! Thanx Libby ;).

  3. Yep! Thanks for the reminder! I need to keep a list like that...sometimes I just get overwhelmed by the day to day....

  4. Hello Libby,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet words. Nice meeting you:) You have such a beautiful website yourself! Too much to see for one visit so I will come back again. Like your Envelope-Back Pillow Case Tutorial. I will pin it onto my Pinterest board.


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