Afro Martha's "Can't Wait For Fall Muffins"

One of the recipes I discovered when I first started following Yetunde of the Afro Martha blog were her "Can't Wait For Fall Muffins".  I was determined to try them, but as a procrastinator, it just didn't happen.  Until now.  Maybe I'm in a baking mood.  Maybe I was just glad to have the ingredients.  Maybe I just like the idea of Fall/Autumn any time of the year.  But for whatever the reason, I haven't gotten these muffins off my mind for a while now and so I finally made them.

There's no need to write the recipe when the recipe is clearly written on her blog.  Plus if you go over there, she has created a printable recipe card for this recipe.  Gotta love those graphic designers!

I followed the recipe to the T, but where it says "chopped walnuts (optional)", I opted for them.  [Don't you love how I'm starting to like nuts (some nuts)?  My taste buds must be changing these days.]  Also, in Yetunde's recipe where it says 2 cups of "dried cranberries, cherries, or raisins", I put in 1 cup of raisins and 1 cup of dried cranberries.

My batch created 12 regular sized muffins and one muffin loaf.  The batter had the consistency of cookie dough.  The final muffins were dense and yet moist and yummy, and so filling!  Gotta love those spices that truly remind you of the Fall season, even though we're experiencing a Fall-like Winter.

I'll keep the muffins at home and share the loaf at work.  Can't hoard all this goodness to myself.  Thanks, Yetunde for a great recipe!

Can't Wait For Fall Muffins
Notice this very cool piece of fabric?  Will be blogging about that soon too. *wink*

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  1. How lovely these are, thanks for sharing. Be sure to come by for a visit sometime.

    Lisa x

  2. They do look and sound delish! Thanks Libby!

  3. mmmyummy. Those look like they would be great with a big cup of coffee!

  4. These look so tempting. Yummy!!!

  5. WOw, wow, wow! Those look soooo yummy! I know it's my recipe, but your photos do them waaaay more justice than mine ever could! Gotta love those photogs! Good job, you done well, Libby! Now I think I want to go make some...

  6. These look great! Please post at my Taste This Thursday party!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing at my party. Please come back next Thursday to see if your recipe stood out and to link again! I am a follower of your lovely blog!


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