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So as you know, I finally started OT (Occupational Therapy) the other week.  I have 2 sessions a week and it has been quite interesting.  The therapists do stretching exercises on my hand.  I have my arm strapped into this weird contraption filled with what feels like sand.  Then the "sand" starts blowing around in there and the heat comes on.  It's relaxing and my hand does feel better afterwards.  There's also this ultrasound treatment.  The ultrasound gel is warm and feels like some type of massage.

Sometimes I have to pinch through this tough puddy and pinch out all of the objects embedded in there.  They even have these large clothespins that vary in degree of strength.  It's amazing how difficult it can be just to open clothespins that are wound extra tight. 

I went again this morning and had to squeeze this gel from one bottle to another.  My hand was shaking because it is weak.  That's proof in point.  After that exercise, the doctor gave permission for me to get some kind of steroid patch treatment.  There are little batteries inside that cause this little light to flash.  The medication seeps through your skin in intervals and when the patch knows that it is finished, the lights quit blinking and you can take it off.  It takes anywhere from 2.5 - 4 hours to complete.  No, you don't have to stay in the therapists office for that time; just long enough to get it on.

I'm glad that my hand is getting the necessary  treatment and I hope it's worth my desire not to get the quickie cortisone shot.  Yesterday someone told me to pray that God will give me another way to sleep.  As a side-sleeper, that's how I got into this jam.  I tend to sleep with my hand underneath my face.  My first reply was that it wasn't like I was intentionally sleeping on my hand.  My mom tells me to remember that when I get my bill.  I guess she has a point.  I better start praying now.

Now, back to crafting.  I have a goal that I really want to meet.  Then I can show you all the goodies!  Plus, I have 3 heads of collards waiting on me and a sour cream pound cake to make by tomorrow night.

Until then,


  1. You are definitely going high tech there Libby! I'm glad to hear that the therapies are helping you. Hang in there! :) I'm a side sleeper also. No injuries yet though.

  2. I hope the OT works Libby! I would certainly try that over the cortisone shot since that is only a temporary fix! Good luck with changing your sleeping position. That is not an easy thing to do.

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