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For exactly 322 days, my life was literally turned upside down.  Yes, I counted.  Most of those days were dark, and now that I look back, even in the midst of the happy moments and days, that dark cloud loomed nearby.  It was bad to say the least.  But on the Day 323, I was delivered from that.  And on Day 358 I was blessed with something new.

On Day 358 I was blessed with something new, but the effects of those 322 days were long-lasting.  At some point I realized that I wasn't totally relaxed in the new situation because memories of the old kept creeping in.  I recall a friend of mine who went through her own set of dark days and was blessed with a new situation too and in that new situation she kept rehashing all the bad stuff from the past.  I didn't understand at the time, but when I realized it was happening to me too, all of a sudden I got it.  I realized that the same advice that had been given to her, also applied to me.

At some point, I'm not sure when it happened, I realized that I was beginning to truly let go.  I felt myself smiling more, laughing more, and becoming a little less burdened down with the burden that had really already been lifted.  Isn't it amazing how you can be technically free and yet not free?

In the spirit of continuing to let go, I decided that I must face the thing that I had been avoiding all year - the literal baggage from those 322 days.  Until now, I didn't want to see anything that reminded me of those 322 days so everything that I walked away with on Day 322 was still in the spot where I first placed it.  In the trunk of my car!  Seriously.
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The new year is fast approaching and I'm determined not to tote that baggage from the year before.  Those 322 days were not my fault, but my response to them is what I'm held accountable for.  Just to think of all the extra gas (among other things) I've spent because of carrying this heavy load.  So, I cleaned out the trunk of my car this week, and already I feel so much better.

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We've all got our personal battles, but we still have to learn to let go.  :-)


  1. I am still fighting that battle. Some days I think I am over with all and then the next day I fall again and need to start anew once more. It's really difficult but here I am, trying hard. I have a plan for next year and I hope I am strong enough to make it happen. Wish me luck! You are the mirror I look at when I need some strenght.
    Feliz Año Nuevo, querida amiga.

  2. I totally understand this. This past year has been kinda hard for me-emotional stress and physical stress has taken its toll on me, right now I'm in the process of trying to heal my emotions and my physical body as well. I also am trying to strengthen my spiritual life as well-establishing a daily worship time is imperative for me this upcoming new year. There is alot I will share about this in the future.
    Happy New Year Libby!
    lots of love,

  3. That was an amazing post! I think I understand where you're coming from. Been there, done that too. I love the fact that it only took a decision for me to come out of darkness and a decision to keep choosing to live free from it. Of course, some good ministers who led me to that truth and some revelation didn't hurt either. Stay free in 2012. It's a good fight.


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