Letting Go

It's okay to admit that those clothes you thought you'd be able to wear was just a mere dream.

All washed up, sorted, and packed to go.  Maybe someone else will have a little more fortune.



  1. It does feel good letting go of clothes that we aren't making use of.

  2. I did the same thing this week and still should go through more stuff to donate, no point of letting things just sitting here.

  3. LOL! I did that last year then lost 15 pounds. I recently found 10 of those pounds. LOL!

  4. I need to sort out my clothes too. I am too attached to my stuff and I never wear the 90% of them. Thanks for setting an example!

  5. This will be a blessing to others and the blessings will return to you! Here's to making room for the new :)


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