The IKEA Experience

Going to IKEA, is an experience.  Remember I went once before, in Ohio?  But I couldn't bring anything back since I was riding the bus.  Finally I got to bring home some of what I've been wanting for a while.  Some things are meant to be turned in to small gifts.  Others are meant to help make home life a little better.

These are some of the things I purchased at IKEA:
These magnetic canisters to store small crafting supplies.  I also purchased the magnetic strip a.k.a. the magnetic knife holder.

A chopping board because the one I have been using has fallen completely apart.  I've been chopping on a quarter of the board for too long now.  This one is large (which I love) and was under $10.

Well, because I need to see.

Don't tell my family, but this set was $0.49!  I plan to crochet or knit a dishcloth to complete the set and give them as gifts.
Aren't these picture ledges great?  Now I can put my art prints on these in my craft room until the next chance to display them.  Trying to get more of a studio feel in there.

Not only did I get to visit this wonderful place, but I also had the opportunity to reconnect with a childhood friend and make up for the baby-shower I missed since I was vending at the festival that same weekend.  I also got a chance to hang out with one of her college friends.  We had a great time!


After the IKEA experience, I met with one of my college friends and got to see her new little one who decided to arrive a month early.  He's a bit tiny, but so super cute!  I would have snapped his photo, but he was sleeping so well and I didn't want to disturb him with lighting.

Just sharing,

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