The Holiday Crafting Madness is Over (I think)

So, even though I finished this family order on Christmas Eve, I decided to wait until after the holidays to get the images ready.  Well, the other part of this very real truth is that my house was torn down.  You know what it's like sitting in yarn for over a week, crafting like crazy?  Switching colors, clipping woven ends?  Yeah, I know you know.  Then I had those piles of clean laundry still not folded and put away, a cake in the oven, and meanwhile packing for a trip to see my grandma, so needless to say there was a lot going on.

One of my largest "9th hour" orders for this season was a family set of bearded hats.  Bearded earflap hats.  So I made all the beanie parts first, went back and added the ear flaps and the braids/UNC logo, then I crocheted all of the beards and sewed in a pair of buttons inside each hat so that the beards would be detachable.  I could literally feel the heat on my crochet hooks.  lol

Well, the order is done and here they are:

These are without the beards.

 For Momma Bear, Papa Bear, and the two Sister Bears.

..and for when they choose to be all bearded up!

You'll just have to imagine the UNC hat with the beard...That's for Papa Bear.  I think he can grow his own.  lol

Happy Crafting,


  1. The hats came out great! I didn't get pics of all the x-mas stuff I made!

  2. These are so cute! I love how the family will all have matching beards!!

  3. Awww those are so cute! That idea is great! I hope they send you pics of them all bearded up too. (hint, hint, lol)

  4. Libby - those are AMAZING!!! I love the UNC one especially (even though it's not my team, I can appreciate the school pride). You are SO TALENTED!!! Thanks for sharing, and give those hands a break!

  5. Libby I love the hats as well as the presentation. The wooden background looks awesome. Momma, Poppa and Sister Bear!!! Priceless!

  6. I am browsing your blog and I am in love with your crochet projects! I love reading about a fellow crocheter. This one is fantastic! I love bearded hats! I made one for my hubby and it's always a source of amusement :) You do amazing work!


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