Christmas on the Square 2011

I had a blast at "Christmas on the Square" today.  I did make some sales...enough to cover my booth fee and make some profit.  I still brought back most of what I had, but I returned home feeling more uplifted than before.

There is definitely an art to being a craft vendor, and honestly, it's an art that I'm willing to learn.  Having an Etsy shop is great, but if you can't bring sales there, it's kind of depressing.  But vending is a craft high (as long as you don't lose financially by participating).  My location was in the center of the downtown square and I was located between two very nice vendors.  We shared ideas, discussed future vending opportunities, swapped contact information, and had a great time.

I had the pleasure of sharing my space with some members of the photography club and they were such great company.  I also had a friend who stopped by to help me out.  It was really something special.

Here I am in front of my space.  Special thanks to Gary from the photography club for capturing this image for me.

As I was focusing on vending and not photography, I captured the quickest photo of Santa that I could.  Please pardon the sun bursting through.  Next time I'll tell Santa to turn the other way.  lol

Remember, I'm not an "animal person" and I've been known to be terribly afraid of dogs, but I think I'm getting better with that because I actually let the little puppies dressed in the Santa suits come near me (but I did not touch - not that brave yet).  And I had to get this darling little pony/horse.  When he first passed by we had all thought he was a big dog, but realized he was not.  Especially when the other "real" dogs started barking.  lol  Isn't he gorgeous?

And finally, I got to hold this sweet baby boy.  You don't know this but I rarely hold people's babies.  Like almost never.  He reached right into my arms though and I couldn't resist.  Plus it gave his mom the opportunity to help her daughter try on hats.  Isn't he precious?

I had a great time and I'm looking forward to more crafting scenes!

p.s.  I know you see that new hair do.  More about that later.  :-)

Until next time,


  1. Great images! I was shooting out of town. One of these days I want to attend Christmas om the square!

  2. Aww, Libby! I am so happy you enjoyed yourself. To be honest I HATED vending. With a passion. When you said you were going, I was afraid you would regret it - but I am glad that you liked it! You must be a natural. Your booth looks AMAZING! And you made money??? Of all the time I vended, I made money *1* time - and it was like $20 or so. ;(

  3. What a wonderful day it looks like you had! With glorious sunshine to boot too! So glad you sold some stuff!

  4. I am so happy you had a good day. It looks like the weather was perfect. Your booth looks fantastic. I love the use of the clothespins! The pony looks so sweet!!! ~Val

  5. I'm glad that everything turned out great for you. Your booth had a lot of good stuff on it too. Btw I actually liked the sun flared photo of santa!

  6. You look like such a pro at it already! And if you already came out to the good, your future endeavors should only be better. Great job and I love all the color in your booth!

    And that baby is a sweet lil' pumpkin. :)

  7. I love seeing all your hand crafted goods on display for sale. There is nothing like earning money from doing something that you love. You are an amazing crafter and I can't wait to hear that you're overwhelmed with the number of orders that you have to fulfill. Yes, I saw the new "hair doo".


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