Lumber River State Park

It's been so long since I blogged about a field trip, but on Thursday our grade level attended a field trip to the Lumber River State Park.  There, the students rotated through various stations to learn about water quality, air pollution, wildlife, recycling, and other preservation activities.

It was super cold and we wrapped up in blankets, blew on our fingers to warm them up, and waited for the heat of the Sun to hit us.  It finally did in the later afternoon when it was about time to go.

We had a blast, or at least I know I did.  I enjoyed learning away from the 4 corners and look forward to other learning experiences like this.

* In spite of having the bum right thumb, I couldn't imagine leaving my camera at home.  So I brought it, and hoped for the best.  There were missed shots due to the awkward thumb and it was quite comical to see me using this equipment, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  I hope you will too.  :-)

** Before you click on the "Play" icon, if you are squeamish with the sight of taxidermy, then don't even bother watching the slide show.  Just wanted to let you know.


  1. Libby, your capture of the animals actually reminded me of the "Wild Game Feast" that is held at times here in North Carolina. Looking at the stuffed critters made me partly hungry. Yeah, I know that is wrong but they did. By the way , I loved the little squirrel at towards then end looking over the stop.

  2. Looked as if you guys had a good time even while being out in the cold. A great big "Attagirl" goes out to you for dragging out your camera even though it was quite a task to use.

  3. You are such a good photographer! What camera do you use? Do you use it on manual or automatic? I need to get better with mine..

  4. Beautiful work! This field trip looks so fun. I love seeing children learn about the environment, recycling and such. These things are so important to preserving our world! The taxidermy is a little disturbing but great for educational purposes! ~Val


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