Funk No More

I must admit that I've been sort of in a craft funk lately.  It started with the hand.  Then as the holidays approached it got worse because I had to yet again put off those seasonal projects that you've always wanted to try but only apply during this season.  With the bum hand I was missing it again.  Then other stuff crept in and I could feel my mojo being sapped away.

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Remember I read that book.  When it was over, I couldn't find another good one to fill its place.  I started relearning/practicing my Spanish through the Coffee Break Spanish podcasts.  Yes, I'm on lesson 40 of 80.  I cleaned out my pantry and rearranged all the items on each shelf by their style (i.e. Italian, Asian, and Latin American inspired ingredients; healthy grains (steel cut oats, bulgur wheat, etc); sweet stuff).

Seriously y'all.  I even started growing my fingernails!  What?  Fingernail growing is pretty but not practical.  Then my thumbnail broke all the way down and I did one of those super irritating girly shrieks in the grocery store.  I was instantly ashamed of myself.  Needless to say all the nails were trimmed immediately.  lol

Well, I kept it a secret as long as I could, but some time ago I applied to vend at our local "Christmas on the Square."  I didn't hear anything for weeks and when Thanksgiving was almost here, I couldn't imagine what was going on with my application.  I mean the event is this coming Saturday.  Anyhoo, the chairperson had been out of town and when I reached her Monday, I found out that Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth had been accepted!  And not only that, she gave me one of the best locations at the event.  Right in the heart of our city square!

Now I have some last minute preps to do, hope I can round up at least one friend to help me man the table, and I'm crossing my fingers that I can destash my items on that occasion.  I've got some new things in mind and it would be so liberating to see my previously created items go to a new home where they can be loved as much as I loved creating them at the time.

Also, OT starts on the hand in a couple of weeks.  Maybe I can get even more relief and a full recovery.

Until then, I've got work to do!


Happy Crafting (oh, I've longed to say those sweet words),


  1. Congrats Libby!!! That's awesome - sometimes you need a lift like that to get you out of your funk :)

  2. This post had me cracking up! especially the part about the girlish scream in the grocery store :)

    YEY! to your craft show~! This is just what is needed to get your craft-mojo in gear! YEY!
    happy crafting to you!


  3. Yay! More crafting! That's what I wanna hear. ;)

  4. I know totally how you feel, I lost my crafting mojo when mom was so sick. Congrats on the craft show and best of luck!

  5. You are making good us of your time. I have been wanting to work on my spanish too. It would be quite helpful at work! Best of luck with the craft show this weekend. I am sure you will have blast!!! ~Val

  6. Congrats Libby!! Seems like it wasn't so long ago you were saying you sent off that app. Good for you! I can't wait for the details of your big day!


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