Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #6

Earlier I said:
So, if I get craft silent for a moment, it's not because I'm watching cartoons and eating chocolate ice cream while wondering "Who am I?"; it's because I'm finding my own place in this realm of creativity.

But now I'm saying:
So, if I get craft silent for a moment, maybe it's because I have tendonitis and have no choice but NOT to craft. : / 

Yeah, finally went to the doctor today....

Happy Crafting,


  1. I hope your wrist starts feeling better soon Libby. Darn that tendonitis!

  2. Oh no! Gute Besserung! (get well soon)

  3. Ohhh Libby, I'm so sorry! Hope you don't have a lot of pain and get well soon!!

  4. Libby, it is a sign! Start papercrafting with me! (Or sewing... or any other craft that isn't so labor intensive on your wrist!)

  5. ouch...hope it's healed and you're back and crafty soon!!!

  6. Take a rest from crafting and focus on other stuff. The doctor will take that thing off sooner than you think. :-)
    ¡Cuidate mucho!

  7. Oh no! Tendonitis is not a crafters friend!!! I hope you heal up quickly! ~Val

  8. That's a pity, but stay cool and keep calm:)


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