The Verdict is In

So last night I entered my first in-house competition for the photography club of which I am a member.  It's funny that when you add the element of "competition" to what you love to do, it casts a much different light on everything.  All along I was excited to enter one of my pieces, and then sat literally on pins and needles as I listened to each and every critique from the judge leading up to mine.

By the time she got to my piece, I think I was a bit numb.  I thought I had to go to the bathroom a bizillion times prior but I knew it was just nerves.  Anyhoo, I listened intently as she critiqued my work.  "Love the black and white..."  "The blurred stems do not take away from the diva in the middle" (referring to the white lily in the center) and something about these three points.  Overall I was pleased. When she declared me a "7", I knew I wouldn't win but secretly I was thinking, "I'm not a 6".

In case you're wondering, the scale ranged from 3-9 but 6 was the lowest she gave.

So, my ego isn't completely destroyed.  I'm not running off and burying my camera.  I'm actually looking forward to pushing forward in my photographic pursuits.  And by the way, I think I found a little deal on notecards so I will have a limited selection in my shop this season.

Until then,


  1. Congratulations! :-)
    I know I am not getting even a 6 from my paiting teacher but I am enjoying the experience anyway.

  2. Congratulations on your first competition. Your photographs are gorgeous so no need to be at all discouraged! Now you have an idea of how things work and hopefully will be closer to a 9 next time! ~Val


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