Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #5

The reality is this:  There are some things that I can control and a whole lot of things that I can't.  I have to learn how to let go of those things that are not in my power and work on those things that I can have some say about.  Easier said than done, but I've still gotta learn my lessons.

Right now I'm thinking on a very regular basis, "What is it that I CAN DO that will make my life much simpler?"

Get a dishwasher.  An electric one.  So, I got a dishwasher.  I've been wanting one; never had one.  It was on sale and then on an additional sale for being an Energy Star appliance and then the store was offering one of those no-interest rate plans.  At that rate I could even get it installed.  So that's what I did.  It was installed today.  Now a friend of mine tells me that his is no more than a "glorified sanitizer," but I pray that mine does the job.

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Do work stuff at work as much as possible, and don't bring it home!  This is very difficult for me because I'm in a new area, but I'm doing better at maximizing my time there so that when I leave, I'm free.  Now, to be able to truly maximize my time there, I have to be "on go" for real and to do that, I must do #3.
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Go to bed.  I am a bonafide night owl.  My body will literally fight to stay up even when I'm dog tired.  (If I could stay up just a little while longer, I could put another row on that crocheted blanket.  See how my mind works?)  I have to force myself to override that urge to hold on to the day and just go to bed.  Only a true nightowl who works a first shift job will really understand this.  Going to bed, I believe, will help me to be more alert and less scatter-brained when it matters most.  Ever get to where you can't remember what you were going to say or can't remember where you laid that pen you were just writing with?  Yeah, I get like that MORE when I'm tired.

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Get rid of the paper clutter that accumulates on my kitchen counter.  So that's my current project.  One night (when I should have been asleep) I read a blog post that led me to this site:  Simplify101.  I requested the free Command Central Binder and received the document in my email.  I have purchased most of the binder supplies and am ready to get organized.  Especially before Thanksgiving.  They're cooking, but I'm hosting.

Hoping for a better sense of reality,


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