Random Tidbits

This is a crocheter's/knitter's nightmare:

So, apparently I slept on my right hand with it all bent and the result has been none too pleasant.  So what does a right-handed crocheting/knitting girl do?  Dream of sewing projects!  lol



  1. Nooooooo!

    I think you should sew, though. Do you have a sewing machine? I keep my creative juices flowing by changing my medium. I have done everything from sewing, knitting,crocheting (duh), scrapbooking, stamp-making, art-journaling, jewerly-making... Okay, I won't hog your blog. But my point is - yeah - you should start sewing!

  2. Oh no! That sucks so much! It might be difficult to sew, as well- wielding scissors with either a wrapped up hand or your left hand might result in you losing an eye or something. Even though it's not an artistic outlet, reading would be my next choice. ;) Get better soon, girly!

  3. @ Ayana: Yes, I sew too, but I just rarely devote the time to it since I'm always crocheting. Time to change it up a bit I suppose.

    @ GeGe: Knowing me I would soon get a huge paper cut from that book I was reading. lol

  4. Absolutely awful! To think you were snug as a bug sleeping and you get injured. What is a girl to do? Get better soon Libby!


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