Monday's Feature: Kia Beech

Meet Kia Beech, artistically known as Chocolate Cherri Bomb.


AE:  Who are you?
KB:  Kia Beech, artistically known as Chocolate Cherri Bomb.  I'm a 21 year old nursing student by day, artist by life. 
AE:  What is it that you do/make?
KB:  I paint, make jewelry, do photography, and crochet. Painting is my primary medium though.
AE:  How did you get started?  What is the motivation behind your work?
KB:  Well my father is a photographer and he also draws and paints, so he started getting me little arts and crafts kits when I was about 5. I got into it on and off, but after dealing with a bad breakup in college, a therapist suggested that I paint to relieve my stress. I started painting pretty consistently based off of my emotions, and they ended up being a hit! I got in a new, stable, fantastic relationship, and many of my recent pieces reflect love and power. I want to portray power and beauty in my work, because I feel that that is what brought me to this point.
AE:  Where can we find your work?
KB:  On Facebook, on Etsy, and on Urbanista Shop. Or in Atlanta if you ever decide to visit the A!
AE:  Glad to have met you, Kia.  Here's wishing you much continued success.

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Peace & Love,


  1. Nice to read a little of your story! Your paintings are lovely.

  2. aww thanks so much, mamalazarus! :D


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