Monday's Feature: Adia Shabazz

Meet Adiz Shabazz of YeYe Means Mama.

AE:  Who are you?   
AS:  My name is Adia Shabazz.  I'm a teacher, minister, singer, poet, wife and mother.  The last two evolutions have allowed growth and synthesis of all of the former titles.  I started sewing after my first daughter was born and it made me feel empowered to be able to create things for myself and my family. 
AE:  What is it that you do/make? 
AS:  I make baby wraps with African print fabric on them, nursing shawls and some maternity wear. 
AE:  How did you get started/What is the motivation behind your work?  
AS:  Molefi K Asante Jr. Said that when you make an observation [that something needs to be done, or something is missing] it is your obligation [to carry it out or make the difference].  Some years ago I traveled to Ghana and watched Ghanian sisters wrapping their babies.  When I learned of another way to wrap, I was excited and then found myself without fabrics I wanted to use to carry my baby. I initially started creating using scraps of batik left from trips to Kumasi (in Ghana).  

Baby wearing is in our heritage as Afrikans in America, however the amount of Black women born in America who do it is not widespread.  Baby wearing has become so envogue in mainstream culture, that I wanted to do something to encourage sisters, who were not already doing so, to wear their babies. In addition when I was pregnant with my first daughter I wanted clothes I could still wear without them generally being maternity. So I made a few items I couldn't find other places.
AE:  Where can we find your work? 
AS:  My work is also on Etsy and that shop can be reached by visiting
Interested people can visit and I also invite them to read our parenting magazine Yeye at  Yeye is also on Facebook at Yeyemag.

Thanks, Adia for such a great interview.  I've been a fan of parents carrying their children in lovely wraps such as the ones you make.  If I'm ever blessed with children, I plan to do this as well.

Please give Adia your support by visiting any of the following of her websites:
Etsy:  Yeye Means Mama 

Peace & Love,


  1. I'm really enjoying your new weekly feature...lots of new blogs to peruse. Thanks!

  2. @ Caroline: I do enjoy reading about what other artists create. You thought about submitting for yourself?

  3. What pretty fabrics Adia uses in her wraps. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these wonderful people with us Libby. :)


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