In Case You're Wondering

Yes, I still do craft.  This is one of my current projects - a blanket that pays tribute to the black Spiderman.  Muuuaahhh!  It's for a 5-year old that's completed fascinated by this character.  I've got many more rows to go, but this pattern is working up pretty quickly.

Happy Friday,


  1. Hi Libby, i am looking forward to the final result:)

  2. You know that it's going to be loved by it's soon to be new owner. It will probably be dragged around and loved all over. :)

  3. oh yes, Miles Morales! I swear they used my 8 year old as the model for this spidey, he looks just like him plus my son IS half-black half latino, lol! Can't wait to see your finished blanket.


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