Autumnfest 2011

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in Autumnfest 2011 with the Sandhills Photography Club, of which I am a member.  The photography club had a table of note cards, featuring the works of the members in the club.  Oh, those note cards were so beautiful!  Along with selling the cards, members were given the privilege of showcasing and selling their own prints.

We had about a week's notice and I hurriedly worked on a couple of prints that I had taken so that I could be able to participate.  Thankfully, the prints came in and the local frame shop I use put in a rush order to have the prints mounted on a foam core.  (I owe that man a pound cake or something for working this out for me.)

These are the prints I presented:

I will have these prints available for purchase on my Fine Arts Zenfolio site, and I'll probably make note cards in the spring.

In the end, I didn't sell any of the prints, but I received lots of positive feedback from members and festival attendees that visited our booth.  So in the end, I do not feel that my efforts were in vain.

I also decided to use one of the prints for an in-house photography competition.  Because I've never entered a competition, I start in the Class B category.  Obtaining ribbons grants you points so that you can graduate to Class A competitions.  Keeping my fingers crossed for points, but if not, I'm having fun anyways.

Happy Crafting,


  1. So glad to hear that you had fun at the show. You should really do more with your photos. They really are great. :)

  2. Your photos are lovely! I can't wait to see more.

  3. gorgeous photos Libby! You are quite the photographer. I wish you lived close cuz I'd commission you to take ALL my product photos.

  4. Foam core... My favorite. To be honest your pictures really stand out among all the others shown in the picture. Any of your photos will look great on the wall. It's really hard for me to pick a favorite. Great work.

  5. Hola!
    Found you on Handmadeology & am stopping by to show some blog follow love & am your newest follower :) I hope you can stop by my blog: too! I love networking with fellow artists! :D Have a great week! Des.


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