Want Your Work to Be Featured?

Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth is now officially opening its doors (virtual doors, that is) to showcasing the work of others.  We want to positively promote and embrace the handmade movement as well as the budding entrepreneurial spirit.

Who do we want?
Artists (potters, crafters, photographers, hairstylists, etc.), Budding Entrepreneurs, Authors....(those that need publicity to their own blogs, websites, or just need a hand in putting their work out there for the masses)

What do we want?
We want to know about you and your work -
Who are you?  (name)
What is it that you do/make?
How did you get started/What is the motivation behind your work?
Where can we find your work?
What is your website/contact information?

Please also submit no more than 5-6 photographs.  (Please make sure that you have the legal right to post these photographs.  Keeping your logo on your photography would be a great idea for further promotion of your work.)

* Press Releases may also be submitted.

Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth reserves the right to edit submissions as deemed necessary.  This is a clean, tasteful, family-friendly blog and will remain that way.  Any submissions that are inappropriate will not be posted.  Absolutely NO NUDITY or anything risqué.

If interested, please submit your information to artisticexpressionsbyelisabeth@gmail.com.

* A compiled list of all published submissions will be categorized and hosted under the "FEATURES" tab in the menu bar.

Let the submissions begin,


  1. Excellent idea Libby! Count me in on this one. 

  2. Love it, what you do is so inspiring!


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