Kuumba Festival 2011

Today I attended the Kuumba Festival with a friend.  The Kuumba Festival is one that celebrates African-American heritage.  The name KUUMBA in Swahili means CREATIVITY.    It's been a while since I've attended this type of festival so when I realized that there would be one close to my area, I was excited to attend.  It's such a positive effort.

What did I see?  Families, families, families.  All kinds of families.  Little kids running around, playing together on the playground equipment.  Dancing to the beats of the djembe drums.  African dancers telling stories through their movements.  Vendors selling shea butter, oils, handmade jewelry.  Food.  Smoked turkey legs, collard sandwiches, funnel cakes, and more.  It was really nice out.

Happy Autumn,


  1. sounds so fun! we sure don't have this in my neck of the woods. Instead we have the Pork (yes, pork!) festival, garlic festival, popcorn festival, and any other snack and meat themed festival, lol

  2. Nice captures Libby. I enjoyed seeing all the nice colors of the outfits. Thanks for sharing.


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