I Believe in Good Hair

I believe in good hair.  I believe that all hair is good hair.  But I believe that you can have good hair, but a bad hair day.  Thankfully today was a good hair day!

Last week my new hairstyle and that of my co-worker became a brief conversation at lunch.  I informed the table that my hairstyle is subject to change at least every 3 days....depending on the weather.  Then Irene came through and I wasn't sure what would happen.  Thankfully, my hair worked through the humidity and today was a good hair day.  As for tomorrow, we shall see.  lol

p.s.  One of my students asked me if I was from Jamaica or the Bahamas?  Over the years, I have been asked if I was from Jamaica (by some Jamaicans), Barbados, the Dominican (uh, until I started talking), the West Indies, and now the Bahamas.  ???  Maybe somebody needs to trace my roots.  I might be entitled to a free vacation!


  1. aw, congrats on your new job!

    many assume I'm Haitian or Jamaican. it's funny because you know we in the entire diaspora came from somewhere else. some mingled with the island aborigines, but we have similar origins before that.

  2. I definitely was not having a good hair day yesterday. It was pretty scary when I woke up. Hair all over the place. Pony tail holders are great inventions. :)

  3. Libby - your hair really does look great, AND it looks like it's grown tremendously, you know that means a lot for us girls with MAJOR shrinkage. *Hand Clap*


  4. @ Cauchy: Thank you! I'm loving the new job so far. And you are so correct about our roots. We are a diverse people.

    @ Val: Thank you so much.

    @ Kar: You just gave me a good laugh! Pony tail holds, hats, wigs...all great inventions. lol

    @ Mo: Girl, don't you know! Cheers all the way around for us 4b/4cers. lol

  5. love this post..I can so relate! Found your blog through my friend PK, (stoneandbone) here in Hawaii...love your posts. Aloha, Connie


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