August Length Check

Well, I hennaed my hair again.  I'm still loving the henna process.  I thought to finally try indigo, but it is so hard to find in-person that I would have to order it.  So, I just opted against it.  My hair seems to love the henna process, but this time of year I am seriously battling the issue of dryness.  My hair struggles to retain moisture anyways and with temperatures being at an all-time high, it's even more difficult.

I don't know if this challenge is working as effectively as it could be.  Maybe it's me.  Maybe I just don't want to spend forever and a day focusing on my hair, but at the same rate, I want healthy hair, growing hair.

I got a trim at the only salon I know open on Mondays - Walmart.  The stylist allowed me to talk her through how to manipulate and trim my ends.  If she was put off by it, she didn't act like it - so I tipped her.  :-)  My hair is definitely doing something - even if it's just growing thicker by the day.  Part of me wants to get a longer protective style - those afro twists; part of me says, "you can't afford it now.  Be patient."  lol

In the meantime, here's my August hair.

I guess I should actually measure my hair, but it looks a little longer than May's Length check

I'll measure it, but not today.

Now, off to a family reunion.


  1. The first word I thought of when I saw your hair was 'lush', haha! I looks amazing!

  2. This is James and Crystal, from the post office. We have been trying to get up with you for weeks. How can we contact you. We call the number on the card several times but no answer.


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