A Season of Birthdays

It has been a busy weekend here.  Three birthday events in two days!  On Friday, we celebrated my mom's birthday.  Her sister and niece surprised her by driving down and taking her to dinner.  I've never heard my mom scream so loudly.  She was in total shock and it was wonderful.  We had a girl's night out!  Seafood restaurant + a movie.

Then on Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of photographing a birthday party for a sweet baby girl who turned 1 years old.  I was excited for this opportunity to build my portfolio.  I do hope that this is the beginning of something great.  One of my photographic passions is small events - birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, etc.  In my experience/observations, it's those type of events that usually go without photos or specific photos.  It's too hard to host and take pictures.  At least that's what I hope others think so I can get more business.  :-)  More details on this event will be in a separate post.

Right after I got home from that birthday, I was whisked away to a quinceañera for a former student.  I didn't stay very long, but long enough to enjoy my tortillas, beans, rice, and meat with some homemade salsa and lime juice.  Ummm...  The place was so beautifully decorated in pink and black.  It was such a joy to be invited and to attend.

A weekend of festivities and now I'm pooped!  Nevertheless, I have much housework to do.  To be continued....



  1. Sounds like you had a busy but very fun weekend with all the celebrating going on. Party on Libby! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Mom! :). And that dress your former student is wearing is so pretty!

    What do you (did you) teach)?

  3. @ Ayana: Elementary grades. 5th and 3rd. She was in one of my 5th grade classes.


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