Paca Tweed Guy Beanie

Another round of firsts here.

When I first wanted to learn knitting, it was so I could knit hats.  I tried this and that, and finally I've gotten around to knitting a hat.  A guy hat.  Woot.  Woot.

First time knitting a hat.  First time using double pointed needles.  I tried to make a go without them, but it was inevitable, I was going to have to use them or have a hat with no top. 

When I got to 30 stitches remaining, I transferred them to onto a piece of yarn and then threaded them onto the double pointed needles.  What I should have done was this:

Then, I used this video to know what to do once the stitches were on the needles:

Next time, I think I'll make the hat about 1/2 inch longer before decreasing.  Oh, and this yarn I used from my stash is so yummy!

Ok, now for what you really want to see....the hat!

p.s. Something beautiful is blocking.... ;-)
Happy Crafting,


  1. Nice first hat! I wanted to practice my knitting because my goal were socks. I made lots of mistakes and learnt a few things too. It's the natural way of learning. :-)

  2. I want to knit a hat, too! The only thing I have ever knitted was some dishcloths. That is how I started crochetting (making dishcloths). Because it doesn't matter if it looks wonky - it is still useable! :). One of these days I am gonna work up to a hat (and MAYBE some socks.)

  3. COOL hat!!
    Love your reaction on Janneke's post too! In terms of stories, your was great.. Thanks!

  4. I love the simple beanie on a man! So cute! ~Val

  5. That's the same reason I'm trying to get into circular needles! The hat looks lovely :)


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